Album title: Inner Journeys
Release date: 21.02.2020
Number of tracks (digital album): 16
Total playtime (digital album): 129 min.
Number of tracks (double CD): 22
Total playtime (double CD): 157 min.

The first half of this album contains only handpan solo pieces. They are played with different high-quality handpans and various atmoshpheres are created. From relaxed and dreamy to mystical, groovy, extatic and and oriental.
The second half of the album includes complex arrangements where one handpan or several handpans play in the foreground. Accompanied by different drums, percussion, electronic beats... But there are also passages with Native American flute, piano and singing. One experimental piece contains self sampled handpan sounds which are processed into a complex groove and combined with an extraordinary Jazz solo on the e-piano. This extensive album leads you on a inner sound journey with surprising facets. The physical album as double CD contains more tracks than the digital album. But in both cases it's a lot.

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