Ethereal harmonics and flowing rhythms. -

The vibrations of the Handpan are medicine for the soul.

My name is Fabian Küpper.

My fascination is music. -


Music lives in the moment, it tells stories

and opens the hidden worlds of our soul.

Music is feeling. It expresses what words can't do.

My music comes from the heart.

It's intuitiv and personal.

I draw a line from meditation to extasis.


With my main instrument which is the Handpan, my music moves from soft harmonics across sustaining grooves

and melodies up to a virtuous wild rain of sounds.

Inspired by African rhythms, classic, jazz, modern club-sounds and free improvisation unique compositions arise.

My Handpan music on Spotify:

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Engage me for your event

That can be a birthday, an art exhibition, a concert, festival,

background music in a restaurant or café. -

Or you stage an exclusive living room-concert for your friends.


With my exotic instrument and its touching, soft sounds

I make a pleasant, remarkable experience out of your event.

You find all my handpan music videos here:  Videos