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Album: Herz über Kopf - Handpan- Musik für die Seele ("Heart over Head" - Handpan-Music for the Soul")

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CD "Heart over Head" ("Herz über Kopf") Description:

On this CD the Handpan (The Blue Point SteelHarp) is in the central.

Beneath two solo-pieces on the Handpan I recorded the following Instruments:
Djembe (African drum), Didgeridoo, Native American Flute, different rattles, Rainmaker,

Tonewoods, Thunder Drum.

The consonance of this instruments opens up a wide range of sound

and gives the listener the possibility to dive deep into a complex world of sound.

The CD contains soothing, meditative pieces as well as moving emotional compositions.


Although I am using traditional instruments which reach deep into the worlds of ancient

cultures, my playing is also sensible shaped by modern music.

In this manner I connect past and forgotten cultural assets to the spirit of the present age.

Especially important for me in my CD's is the sound-quality.

For my recordings I only use professional equipment.